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Get the .pst viewer service, powered by PST Viewer Tool, if you encounter difficulties with Microsoft Outlook files
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PST Viewer Tool
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1 April 2012

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We typically use MS Outlook for sending and receiving official emails and over time they become valuable repositories of information. In case the data stored in this application gets corrupted then most users end up with a nightmare situation. Now are you searching for any software that can help you to open the corrupted files of Microsoft Outlook? Your answer lies in PST Viewer Tool which can aid you to open all corrupted MS Outlook folder anywhere from the network. So leave your fears at bay of your MS Outlook getting affected by any kind of virus or hardware failure as this recovery tool will enable you to easily get access to the ruined files and recover them with least possible efforts. The interface of PST Viewer is self explanatory and you can carry out all the functions in matter of clicks. As you will start the application it will enable you to select the mailboxes that have both .PST as well as .OST extension files which you want to analyze. There after as per your convenience you can proceed with this tool to carry out the recovery of emails.

PST Viewer Tool carries out all the recovery functions efficiently and enables you to view the progress of recovery of the .PST files easily. Though this tool might not work properly if other tasks are running in your system, so for a better performance and faster recovery we recommend you to disable other processes. This utility will enable you to preview the retrieved data and evaluate them. Working with this software program will help you to do away with creating replicas for the mail boxes or continuously renew your backups. Be it in your home or office this tool is bound to come handy.

PST Viewer Tool comes for free which you can easily download from the internet and install them with least possible trouble in your system. Owing to the features it holds and that to at no cost compels us to rate it with a score of 3.5 on a scale of five.

Publisher's description

Do not worry if you have just encountered the damage of Microsoft Outlook files and your mailbox becomes blocked. There many ways of getting your data back, some of them imply the investigation of email corruption problem, others allow recovering the mailbox using its backup copy. PST Viewer Tool is quite another thing, it allows recovering the data from corrupted pst and ost files, used by this email client. There is no need to create a replica of selected mailbox and renew this file on a regular basis, you may get the .pst viewer service, powered by PST Viewer Tool and start the analysis on your own computer without the consultations of other engineers and external data recovery services. This approach to the safety of MS Outlook files does not imply the losses of time and free disk space to prepare backup copies, you may get PST Viewer Tool only when this program is really needed. Besides, it is so easy to use that you can successfully install PST Viewer Tool and start the analysis of pst files in a minute.
PST Viewer Tool
PST Viewer Tool
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